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WE are BASS — European producer of inflatable SUP boards and SUP sports paddles.


We fell in love with Stand Up Paddling entirely by accident. We were looking how to take up our free time, but… it was pure love, love at first sight. And now it turned into something more - into passion.


We have wanted to get even more from the SUP boards we were using at the very beginning. We wanted better manoeuvrability on the water, higher stability and more mobility.

After few years of paddling on SUP boards, we have decided to improve what we see and what we experience. Thus, we clearly understood yet, how the ideal inflatable SUP board should look and respond. So just one small thing was lacking –  we needed to create such SUP board…


The very first models of BASS SUP boards as well as their core design idea came into the world at the beginning of 2015. After months of thinking over and calculating, we succeeded to produce pilot batch. And only after the first pilot SUP board was inflated, we did understand that we did good...


So right away, we came back to our old projects and improved some small details. Our team's goal wasn't good but transforming good inflatable SUP boards into perfect inflatable SUP boards.


In the months that followed, we succeeded to improve shapes and proceed tests of new models of BASS SUP boards. All this culminated in creation of three first BASS inflatable SUP boards concepts: Breeze, DUAL, and Touring.


Drop-stitch technology



It is worth pointing out that, we are using drop-stitch and double layer technologies during manufacturing BASS SUP boards.


These technologies allow making our inflatable SUP boards more stable and more resistant to damages as well as providing you with higher comfort and ultimate experience while paddling or surfing.


Nevertheless the most amazing thing about inflatable BASS SUP board is the fact, that you can pack it into simple backpack.


Sharing the passion



Shortly after releasing first models of Bass inflatable SUP boards we realized that there's much more to be done to introduce ourselves to present SUP community. And what's even more important - to promote Stand Up Paddling  and introduce it to other people.


We knew that SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) or surfing on the board with a paddle is one of the fastest developing kind of sports in the world. And really felt in love in possibility to paddle on SUP boards almost everywhere: sea waves, lakes, or rivers...


Surfing wave, sailing on the river, SUP yoga, SUP polo, or even judo on the SUP boards – there are even more applications of SUP boards usage. Stand up paddleboarding is very dynamic kind of sport, constantly attracting new sportsmen all round the world. SUP-surfing becomes more and more popular way of spending free time with friends, family or just alone.


All this is happening thanks to the technologies enable to create inflatable SUP board.


Transportation and storage of such inflatable SUP board (average SUP board’s length exceeds 3m !) are no problems anymore.  You do not need huge auto or wagon, you do not need special surfing boards rack or moving trailer. It is very easy, when  inflatable BASS SUP boards could be packed in a simple backpack less than a meter high.


This revolutionary change caused rapidly growing popularity of SUP-surfing among not only professional surfers and all kinds of water sport fans, but also among regular people, who had no experience with paddleboarding beforehand.  Step-by-step stand up paddleboarding became a perfect possibility of free time spending for young people as well as for old ones. Also, SUP surfing is the most popular sporting activity for the whole families in some countries.


You could also assure yourself, that lots of joy and good vibes comes with paddling BASS SUP boards. And all this is because just of SUP-surfing being our passion… and due to the fact, that BASS SUP boards and paddles could be distinguished for their high quality and fair price.

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