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We call it Razor, other people call it the #OrangePaddle. But it doesn't matter. What's important - this paddle delivers everything what every SUP paddler needs.

Outstanding flexibility indexes, lowest weight ever, extreme strength and shape that literally cuts the water. All that has been delivered in one paddle, as a result of joint efforts of G’power Paddles company and SUP BASS Int.

Combination of solid experience in manufacturing world class quality paddles and pure passion for Stand Up Paddling resulted in unique cooperation of the sport brands.





are you?


RAZOR Race Pro

RAZOR White Water

Racing beginners must have. Perfect solution to start your SUP racing adventure.



Professionals choose RACE PRO since they know that small things are infinitely the most important.


Challenging the forces of nature demands all there is. Discover the power of professional white water SUP paddle.



What's so special about RAZOR paddles?


The RAZOR paddle is all about pushing the boundries of all key elements every supreme paddle should have...




Solid doesn’t mean heavy. The lightest version of RAZOR weights only 450g




Every proffesional SUP racer knows  how much you can get from the flex. To give you this advantage we have built flex range up to 50.


blade size


Designing the range of vesions we knew that perfect paddle  is like the suit. It either fits you perfectly or doesn’t fit at all.  That’s why all versions of RAZOR are available in two sizes: L and M.


extra grip


Slippery shaft can literally kill your chance to win. But not with the RAZOR RACE PRO. Benefit from extra grip our paddles are known from.


Mobility without the cost in quality



Sometimes it’s all about the space you have. See our 2- and 3- pieces versions of the shaft available for RACE and RACE PRO.


The story of #OrangePaddle

and how it all happened.



Same like with our inflatable SUP boards, everything started with an idea to create the paddle every SUP racer would want.


But like with everything else - it's easier to say than done. We knew that without partnership with someone who has been manufacturing high-end racing paddles our dream may never come true.


After months of turning the idea in our heads we were contacted with Rafal Glazewski from G'power Paddles Company.

G'power - prominent brand with nearly three decades of experience in manufacturing kayak race paddles - worldwide known from their high quality racing paddles, turned to be exactly who we were looking for. And luckily for us, they were thinking about SUP race paddle, too...


Having the same goal we have decided to  combine their impresive knowledge end experience in manufacturing the paddles with our know-how of what SUP racing paddling would benefit from when it comes to good SUP sport paddle. That's how our partneship has started.

We called it G'power&Bass.


First step was to point all key elements having an impact on SUP paddling and really making a difference - especially during long races and marathons. Beside obvious things like the shape of blade, we took a closer look at the importance of shaft flex during the paddling and it's potential in supporting paddler's activity.


That's how started the idea of high flexes. It became obvious to all of us that high flex will give extra push-back in end part of paddle momentum in the water. Exactly in the moment when paddles usually slow down, working against paddler's effort.


What happened next is hush-hush, but as a result of Gafal's amazing work, first #OrangePaddle came to life. We took it for testing straight away, and... it was better than we expected.


And it wasn't only the case of how the flex worked but the shape itself made the paddle literally cut the water. This particular impression gave as an idea of what should be the name of it... Razor, obviously ;)

Of course it took as months after to perfect every little detail in every version and combination of has been called best SUP racing paddle, allready.



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