SUP RACE 12’6 x 28′ x 6′

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SUP RACE 12’6 x 28′ x 6′

On this board, your trips will last for hours or even years. A real touring board. Equipped with two racks to increase the cargo space necessary during longer trips.

The combination of the highest quality materials and the latest production technology (hot fusion, woven drop-stitch) with perfect floating properties will make the board serve you for years. If you are an ambitious and physically active person, the Touring 12' may be your first board that will satisfy you for a very long time. Thanks to two integrated lateral, flexible fins, it is characterized by stability previously reserved only for shorter boards and speed typical of cruise boards. The speed and lightness of flowing, with amazing stability and packability. What more can you expect from a great touring board?


Designed for:

  • Difficulty level - medium, for intermediate and ambitious beginners
  • Characteristics - stiff and stable, fast and manoeuvrable
  • Style - cruise, expedition,
  • Reservoir - any, also wavy and flowing



Technology - welded board (hot fusion), woven drop-stitch (new)

Dimensions - 12' x 30.5' x 6' (365 x 77.5 x 15cm)

Weight - 9.5 kg

Payload / liter - up to 135 kg / 315 l

Pressure - optimal 15 Psi (1 Bar)

Included with the board - bag on wheels (new), double-action pump, leash, fin US Box, repair kit, 3-piece Fiberglass paddle or 2-piece Razor v2 paddle

Characteristics for the model:

a) Design features of the SUP board

  • Three-layer board (3 layers of PVC). The entire board is made of two welded layers of PVC (double-layer) and reinforced with a third layer of PVC, on the sides of the board, along its entire perimeter
  • Welded board - the use of glueless technology allowed us to reduce the weight of the board by 20-25%. The lightweight design means not only comfortable use on land, but above all faster and easier sailing without unnecessary weight increasing the resistance of the board in the water.
  • The board is made of the most modern type of drop-stitch - woven drop-stitch, in which PVC fibers form a dense,, braided, structure providing much greater stiffness than offered by classic drop stitch (loose, parallel PVC fibers). You will get maximum stiffness without the need for long and tiring pumping, already at 15 Psi (1 Bar), which significantly reduces the time to prepare the board for swimming.
  • Strong, interlaced, drop-stitch, minimizing the risk of deformation, extends the life of the board
  • The main fin mounted in the US Box system
  • Side stabilizing fins are an integral part of the board
  • Thanks to the appropriate dimensions and shape copied from nature, the board holds the course very well, maintaining maneuverability and maneuverability typical for shorter SUP boards
  • The deck is wider than in the previous series (77.5 cm) and the new, streamlined shape increases stability, which makes it easier for less advanced people to swim, even with large luggage.

b) Element of the SUP board

  • Equipped with two integrated, flexible side fins that provide the board with additional stabilization while floating and allowing it to "catch waves"
  • Equipped with two racks, increasing the loading space of the board. The location of the racks, one at the front and one at the back of the board, allows even distribution of luggage and stable sailing.
  • Equipped with an additional handle (handle) at the back that makes it easier to pull the board out of the water and carry it with two people.
  • The central fin mounted in the US Box system is the ability to adjust the position of the fin relative to the stern, and thus additional regulation of the board's steerability. This system also protects the centerboard box and the bottom of the SUP board, reducing the risk of their damage when the fin hits a hard obstacle.
  • Equipped with a carrying handle located in the central part of the board
  • On ¾ of the length of the deck, the board is covered with a non-slip and shock-absorbing EVA Pad
  • Equipped with a D-Ring for attaching the Leash and mooring in the back of the board

When placing an order for the Razor Premium set, please specify the hardness of the stick (medium or hard) and blade size (S or M) in the notes to the seller. Remember that our S corresponds to M, and M corresponds to L in other manufacturers.

Don't forget to choose a life jacket with the board, we especially recommend the Sport+ Gray Collcetion model

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