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Just 8 kilograms in weight, it is chosen as the first and very often already goal SUP board. Irreplaceable wherever stability and swimming comfort play a key role. Thanks to it you will love swimming from the first paddling. The water drop shape taken from nature, the optimal dimensions and the top Hot Fusion Woven Dropstich technology used in the production, which guarantees the highest stiffness, lightness and durability, make it an ideal choice for both those taking their first steps and those perfecting their skills on a SUP board. The ultra-lightweight three-piece carbon SUP paddle (new) enhances your enjoyment and accelerates your paddling progress. Versatile, as it is ideal for both the petite and heavier user (50kg-100kg)

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Inflatable SUP board that will make you love swimming from the first paddle. Very stable, but in contrast to many allaround boards very lightly flowing, agile, that is obedient and easy to handle even for a beginner. It forgives mistakes due to lack of skill and practice in swimming and paddling. Therefore, it does not discourage but encourages, so that you will develop your skills faster and begin to get maximum pleasure from SUP board swimming.

Breeze SUP board has optimal dimensions for a board created for learning and improving swimming, which is 323 cm long (10'6) 15 cm thick (6") and 81 cm wide (32"). The specially designed shape, which like a falling drop of water, smoothly expands from the top towards the center of the board, where it reaches its maximum surface area and naturally, smoothly tapers towards the stern of the board, makes you feel very comfortable and stable while swimming. Woven Dropstitch, which guarantees the greatest stiffness of the board when inflated, even at maximum load, makes standing and walking on the board much easier. Thanks to the woven fiber structure, you can move freely and stably on the board, without the uncomfortable and undesirable flexing of the board deck, typical of many boards made of classic dropstitch material. With its glueless Hot Fusion technology, the board weighs only 8.6 kg and flows very lightly. Learning to ride the Breeze 10'6 is fun, easy and faster than less stiff or heavier SUP boards.

Bass Breeze 10'6 thanks to the Hot Fusion Woven Dropstitch Technology production technology exhibits the highest stiffness, lightness and strength possible for inflatable boards. It is a state-of-the-art manufacturing method of combining the board's material, i.e. PVC Laminate formed in a glueless hot fusion of two layers of PVC, with woven dropstitch, i.e. woven (cross) the most tensile resistant, most durable type of PVC fiber.

Hot Fusion technology is used in the production of the PVC laminate from which the SUP board is made and replaces the older, less environmentally friendly way of producing boards from multiple layers of PVC bonded together with glue. As a result, the board is not only lighter by about 25%, but most importantly more durable. Hot Fusion of PVC layers (laminate), eliminates delamination and the formation of air bubbles between layers, destabilizing the buoyant properties of the board. Welding also used to form the plank into a specific shape, fusing with the other layers of the plank (woven dropstitch and base layer) gives almost 100% control over the durability of the structure. Potential leaks resulting from faulty bonding of the PVC laminate into the plank, are easy to eliminate, because they are already visible at the production stage or the inspection stage lasting about 1 month. This eliminates to a minimum the risk that the board will unexpectedly lose its tightness while swimming, as happens much more often in boards made by the older, glued method.

Thanks to the stronger, woven dropstitch core structure, the board already at a minimum pressure of 15 PSI achieves very high stiffness and is much more resistant to deformation during use, even if you pump the board to a maximum pressure of 22.5 PSI. An additional layer of PVC is used around the perimeter of the board for additional stiffness and also to reinforce against damage in the most vulnerable areas, namely the sides. Hot Fusion Woven Dropstitch technology gives the highest level of durability, so that, years you can enjoy sailing on the board, without downtime, forced by repairs, which much more often occur in boards produced in older technologies (layered boards, glued boards, with classic dropstitch).

Hot Fusion Woven Dropstitch = extra stiff, strong and light. Thanks to its use, SUP Breeze 10'6 board has everything that an ideal board for learning and improving swimming should have: highest stiffness (stability and comfort), durability (safety and economy of purchase) with a minimum weight of 8.6 kg (lightness of use on water and land)

The board's deck is covered with a soft and durable premium non-slip Crocodile Skin carpet, which is pressed into the board's deck under low pressure to give lasting comfort to your feet. The board is equipped with a central carrying handle and two stainless steel handles for docking and leash attachment.

Elements of the Kit

The latest model of the Bass Breeze 10'6 has no side stabilizers, making the board easier to fold and pack into a backpack. With a very high displacement of 290 liters and a payload capacity of up to 135 kg, the board is surprisingly lightweight, folds down to a compact size and, along with the rest of the kit, fits into a large, 106-liter wheeled bag that is also suitable for long-distance travel.

The 95 x 45 x 35 cm wheeled bag, which also has the function of a backpack, made of soft, thick and strong moisture-proof material, is equipped with internal straps and bands so that the board and all packed accessories remain stationary when packed. This way you gain extra space for your personal luggage. External tightening straps make it easy to adjust the dimensions of the bag to the volume of your luggage, wheels to transport the packed bag freely, on a smooth surface and a back brace or side handle for carrying when the surface does not allow you to pull the bag. Included with the SUP board, you will find everything you need for swimming:

Bass Trip Paddle- a three-piece, 170-210 cm adjustable, carbon paddle weighing about 620 g. Very lightweight, because it is made entirely of carbon fiber SUP paddle, it has an optimal for recreational use feather area of 45*20,5 cm and a durable hard bar ending in a comfortable and stable handle. The use of Hexagon Joint system allows the parts of the rod to be firmly and stably joined together, making the paddle stable and straightforward to ride. This is a huge energy saver for the paddler, allowing you to enjoy maximum pleasure and achieve high speed with minimal effort. As a result, it supports you in learning to paddle at the beginning and allows you to derive maximum

pleasure with minimum effort. Lightweight paddling is very important at every stage of swimming, whether you are learning, improving or already swimming freely and confidently. A lightweight paddle means less effort when paddling and thus more strength for longer, more frequent sessions on the water or more demanding distances. You can easily fit it in your bag along with your board and other SUP kit components. The 100% carbon, three-piece SUP paddle replaces the previous heavier, fiberglass and epoxy paddle. It is one of the three, but most important, new additions to this year's SUP Bass LUX kits.

With Bravo's high-pressure (up to 29 PSI) and high-volume, fast-pumping SUP hand pump, you'll get your SUP board ready to ride as quickly as possible, usually in a few to several minutes depending on the pressure you want. With a combination of single and double modes, you minimize the effort involved in preparing your board. The pressure gauge in PSI and Bars, located in a prominent place, allows you to control the pressure level in the board at any time (during pumping, control, for example, during use in very high temperatures). The pump hose is terminated with a universal tip that fits all SUP boards. Thanks to the air suction option, after swimming, you can easily pack your board back into your backpack.

In the set you will find a leash made of TPU and nylon, with very high flexibility including increased resistance to breakage during rapid stretching. The 10" leash, thanks to its dense weave, 7.5 mm thickness and high elasticity, is only about 70 cm in free form and stretches to about 250 cm. As a result, it does not fall overboard and does not interfere with swimming and maneuvering the board, but after the swimmer falls into the water, it allows the board to float away to a safe distance, minimizing the risk of hitting the board. Properly used and maintained, it is very durable and can withstand even violent, strong strokes, for example, during use at sea.

Included with the latest Bass Breeze 10'6 model, you'll also find a waterproof, waterproof and floating phone case that fits 6.1" phones so you can take your phone or other important items like documents, credit cards, money, etc. with you on the board.

Another third new feature of the Bass Sandy Collection SUP kits is a camera mount fused to the board, which is sure to please filming enthusiasts. If you're not looking for speed or challenge and the SUP board is just for comfortable recreation and relaxation in the outdoors, choose the Breeze 10'6 LUX model.

Warranty: 3 years

Buy the Breeze 10'6 Lux board and get a free SUP boarding course

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Just 8 kilograms in weight, it is chosen as the first and very often already goal SUP board. Irreplaceable wherever stability and swimming comfort...

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